Altecnic Buffer Tank For Heating Pumps 8l - 569008 569008

Altecnic intermediate vessels are manufactured to meet the requirements of the Directive and Regulations listed and are suitable for heating and solar systems.

  • £210.49

How It Works

  • An expansion vessel must ensure the heating/cooling system can work safely, particularly during periods when hot water is not being drawn off.  
  • The water in the system can reach temperatures up to 200°C and consequently the fluid within the system can either evaporate or reach levels that can damage all the components within the energy system over time.  
  • In the event that the diaphragm within the expansion vessel could be subjected to temperatures above 110 ̊C, an intermediate vessel (VDI6002 directive) must be provided to protect the diaphragm.


  • Intermediate vessels should be installed in closed solar or heating systems containing water treated to prevent corrosion. 
  • If the return temperature in solar installation exceeds 100 ̊C or in a heating system exceeds 70 ̊C an intermediate vessel should be installed. 
  • The intermediate vessel should be installed between the heat/cooling source and the expansion vessel. 
  • The function of the vessel is to avoid premature ageing of the diaphragm in the expansion vessel caused by water entering the diaphragm at too high a temperature. 
  • The intermediate vessel holds a quantity of water which is allowed to cool and it is this cooled water which enters the expansion vessel.
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