Regin Boiler First Aid Kit REGK05

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  • £62.14
The Regin Boiler First Aid Kit contains 28 commonly used fixings for a wide range of major boiler manufacturer appliances with a further 4 Regin products needed for everyday service work. Supplied in a high quality Regin/Raaco assorter case. The kit comprises: REGQ01 - M3 x 6 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (30) REGQ02 - M4 x 10 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (20) REGQ03 - M4 x 16 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (20) REGQ04 - M5 x 16 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (20) REGQ05 - M5 x 25 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (15) REGQ06 - M6 x 16 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (10) REGQ07 - M6 x 25 Steel Pozi Pan Screws (10) REGQ100 - M4 Steel Star Washers (30) REGQ101 - M5 Steel Star Washers (30) REGQ110 - 1/2" Fibre Washers (8) REGQ111 - 3/4" Fibre Washers (6) REGQ127 - 6mm Brass Olives (6) REGQ140 - Quick Blow Fuse 20mm 1A (3) REGQ141 - Quick Blow Fuse 20mm 2A (3) REGQ145 - Ceramic Fuse 25mm 3A (3) REGQ160 - Brass Pressure Test Nipples (2) REGQ220 - Red Ignition Lead Connector Female (10) REGQ31 - 1/4" x 6 S/Tap Pozi Steel Screw (30) REGQ32 - 1/2" x 8 S/Tap Pozi Steel Screw (30) REGQ33 - 3/4" x 8 S/Tap Pozi Steel Screw (30) REGQ50 - M4 C/F Steel Full Nuts (30) REGQ51 - M5 C/F Steel Full Nuts (30) REGQ70 - M4 C/F Steel Wing Nuts (10) REGQ71 - M5 C/F Steel Wing Nuts (10) REGQ80 - Spire Nut No. 8 'U' (5) REGQ81 - Spire Nut No. 8 Angle (5) REGQ90 - M4 Steel Flat Washers (30) REGQ91 - M5 Steel Flat Washers (30) REGP36 - Warning Do Not Use Sticker (8) REGY15 - Twisted Glass Yarn 6mm (5m pack) REGY25 - Sealing Yarn Fixative 30ml c/w Brush REGZ20 - Heat Sink Compound 25g
Regin Boiler First Aid Kit
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