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The Sealed Systems department offers a range of products and solutions for sealed heating and cooling systems. Our department provides high-quality components and accessories designed to maintain the integrity and efficiency of sealed systems. Whether you need expansion vessels, pressure relief valves, filling loops, or system additives, our department has the right solutions to ensure optimal performance and reliability in your sealed heating or cooling system.

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Welcome to our Sealed Systems department, your go-to source for products and solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of sealed heating and cooling systems. Sealed systems, also known as closed-loop systems, require specialized components and accessories to ensure the integrity and efficiency of the system.

In our Sealed Systems department, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products suitable for different types of sealed systems. Our product range includes expansion vessels, pressure relief valves, filling loops, system additives, and other essential components.

Expansion vessels are crucial in sealed systems as they provide space for the expansion and contraction of the system fluid as it heats and cools. They help maintain the system's pressure within a safe range, prevent excessive pressure buildup, and protect against damage to system components.

Pressure relief valves are designed to release excess pressure in the system, safeguarding it from potential over-pressurization. They act as a safety mechanism, preventing damage to the system and ensuring the safety of the occupants.

Filling loops are used to fill and pressurize the system during installation or maintenance. They provide a convenient and controlled means of introducing the system fluid into the sealed system.

System additives, such as inhibitors or water treatment chemicals, are essential for maintaining water quality and preventing issues like corrosion, scale buildup, or bacterial growth within the system. They help optimize system performance, efficiency, and longevity.

At our Sealed Systems department, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer products that meet industry standards. Our components and accessories are carefully selected for their quality and reliability. Trust our sealed system solutions to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your heating or cooling system.