Welcome to Danfoss Heating Controls, where innovation meets tradition in the field of automatic heating control technology. With nearly 80 years of experience, Danfoss stands as the pioneer in inventing the radiator thermostat and the automatic differential pressure controller. As a market leader, we continue to serve the evolving needs of the heating industry with cutting-edge solutions.

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In the realm of Danfoss Heating Controls, history and innovation intertwine to form the backbone of automatic heating control technology. Nearly eight decades ago, Danfoss pioneered two pivotal inventions: the radiator thermostat and the automatic differential pressure controller. These innovations revolutionized the heating industry and laid the foundation for the advanced heating control solutions we offer today.

With nearly 80 years of experience, Danfoss has earned its reputation as a market leader in automatic heating control technology. Our legacy of innovation and commitment to excellence have propelled us to the forefront of the industry. We understand the dynamic nature of the heating sector, and our solutions are engineered to meet the evolving needs of both residential and commercial applications.

Key Inventions:

Radiator Thermostat: Danfoss holds the distinction of being the original inventor of the radiator thermostat. This ground-breaking device allows precise control over individual radiators, enabling users to customize heating levels based on specific room requirements. The radiator thermostat remains a cornerstone of energy-efficient heating systems worldwide.

Automatic Differential Pressure Controller: Another pioneering invention by Danfoss, the automatic differential pressure controller plays a vital role in ensuring balanced and optimized heating systems. By automatically regulating pressure differentials, this controller enhances the efficiency and performance of heating systems, contributing to energy conservation and cost savings.

At Danfoss Heating Controls, our commitment goes beyond technological advancements. We prioritize user-friendly designs, seamless integration, and reliable performance in all our products. Whether you're a homeowner seeking efficient heating solutions or a professional in the heating industry, you can trust Danfoss to provide cutting-edge technology that delivers results.